Pump System Servicing
We can attend your property and site and carry out a complete service to your pumping systems in accordance with the manufacture's recommendations in order to keep your pumping system in good working order and carry out any remedial works needed to keep it working.


Pump System Commissioning
Our services include carrying out a full commissioning to your pumping systems, we will carry out a full test of your pumps/high water level alarm/battery back up's and telemetrys and set up all control floats to insure a fully working pumping system .
After this a commissioning certificate will be issued.
Pump System Installation


 Our engineers can attend your propery or site and carry out a full or part installation of your pumping systems as per the manufacture's specifications.

Pump System Breakdowns 
We can accomadate attending your property or site within or out of working hours to carry out any emergency works needed to bring your pumping system to full working order in an event of a high water level alarm and also bring much needed emergency power to your property in an event of a power cut, giving you complete peace of mind.

Control Panels

A bespoke control panel to fit all your required needs can be supplied and installed.

We can make you a control panel for your pumping system and for most water pumping applications including treatment plants. These can be for single-phase and three-phase.

Your Control panel will be designed to your specification which we can help design, these can also be waterproofed for outdoor use.



As the same with the control panels we can supply and fit a bespoke sim card, landline or wifi telemetry system to alert you of a pump failure, high water alarm when you are away from your site or property.

Your unit can be set to your preference of either text, phone or email you in the event of a failure.

Giving you reassurance that a potential problem can be fixed or resolved quickly and avoid the risk of flooding. 

Flood Water Removal

In the unfortunate event of a flood our engineers can attend as a matter of urgency. We have the necessary equipment to quickly and efficiently remove any flood water, this could involve a large mains water leak or sump pump failure.

Domestic Drain Blockages

We can attend your property on a pre-booked or an emergency call out to carry out a removal of a blockage from either your sink, toilet, washing machine discharge pipe or main outlet including interceptors. We can also carry out jetting to pump system discharge pipe work as well as your pump system inlets. 

Sump/Chamber Cleans

Our services include attending your site or property and carrying out a full clean to your pumping system sump on both a booked or emergency callout to remove debris i.e kitchen fat build up ,washing machine waste build up or building waste that has ended up in your sump. 

This can be done by a tanker or by hand dependent on size of the works needed.